Celebrating diversity, inclusion and equity.

Two males laughing together and linking hands

Respecting our individuality - Celebrating our diversity.
Te whakaute i to tatou takitahi. Te whakanui i to tatou kanorau.

YouBeYou - Aotearoa is here to celebrate unique identities, showcase our wider society, advocate for equity, empower organisations, and embrace diversity.

Te whakanui i te kanorau, te whakauru me te tika na roto i te tautoko, te whakangungu, me te whakamanatanga hei Kotahi.

Our Belief

You should be proud to be you.

To be the best you that you can be and know that by coming together in unity, we can make our planet, our home, our Aotearoa New Zealand, a place we are all able to walk with pride.

“Aotearoa New Zealand will only achieve the vibrancy of a truly diverse environment, with an appreciation that we should all be proud of the person we were born to be.”

“Ko ta matou panuitanga i tenei ra, hei hapori, ka tutuki noa i a Aotearoa te hihiko o te tino kanorau o te taiao, me te maioha kia whakahīhī tatou katoa ki te tangata i whanau mai ai tatou.”

Our Values

We seek a more accepting world and work to drive stronger awareness and acceptance of the many ways we are a diverse mix of people.  Our values drive unity:

An image of a lady in her 20s with a green head band looking towards the camera with a dark green background
A group of young adults embrace in a hug
A person holds aloft a cardboard sign saying Equality in Diversity.
A group of 3 young adults smile into the camera
A an elderly man and a boy with downs syndrome share a laugh
A person from behind wrapped in a rainbow flag wearing a baseball cap backwards that says Equailt.

What we do

YouBeYou puts words into action through a range of services that bring communities together in partnership, to celebrate diversity, other cultures, abilities, and identities as one. We honour and reflect on our nation’s past, with eyes set firmly on a collaborative and connected future.

younity events

Our events showcase our wider society as celebrating diversity, inclusion, and equity, together in Unity.

training & development
whakangungu me te whanaketanga

Your team can be as diversity friendly, inclusive, and equitable as possible with these programs.

diversity diagnosis
te tAtaritanga kanorau

How diverse, inclusive, and equitable is your space, community group or workplace?

youbeyou accreditation

With this sought-after mark, you’ll identify your space as a bastion of diversity, of inclusion and equity.

youbeyou collaborative services
ratonga mahitahi

Advertising, promotion, and celebration for organisations who have achieved YouBeYou accreditation.