Diversity Diagnosis / Te tataritanga Kanorau

A lady with rainbow eye make up smiles while at a pride march

How diverse, inclusive, and equitable is your space, community group or workplace?  He pehea te rereketanga, tewhakauru, me te rite o to waahi, roopu hapori, waahi mahi ranei?

Aotearoa New Zealand society in 2022 is represented by over 200 ethnicities, cultures, identities, and abilities. The truth is we are not one culture.  Therefore we cannot move forward with a one culture environment.

Operating with a focus delivered by a society's dominant culture will at best mean we will not achieve what we can as a healthy unified community. At worst, not appreciating and celebrating our differences can lead to deep societal division and moral collapse.  

The first step on YouBeYou’s Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Accreditation program is understanding how your organisation, sports club, community group or business currently presents.

We focus on two principal areas…


Do your internal operations create a healthy environment where everyone feels included, valued and able to be themselves?


Do those in your environment understand why a diverse and inclusive environment is crucial to their own wellbeing, but also how a positive, social impact focus in dealings with external stakeholders is important to your organisation?

During our diagnosis we’ll…


Ask to see key documentation, policies, and procedures.


Interview key stakeholders both internal and external.


Identify your organisations key goals and what impacts achievement of those goals.


Discuss how you’ll evaluate diversity, inclusion, and equity in your space.

The conclusion of your Diversity Diagnosis will be recommendations that provide a roadmap to connection. A plan advising on appropriate changes to your structures, policies, procedures and team behaviours that will create a vibrant, inclusive and equitable space.  

Making a change today, means a better world tomorrow.

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“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."
“E kore e puta te huringa ki te tatari tatou mo tetahi atutangata, mo etahi atu wa ranei. Ko matou te hunga i tatari matou. Ko tatou tehuringa e rapu ana tatou.”

Barack Obama